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General Club Rules

  1. ALWAYS behave in a safe and responsible manner, and have fun. Ensure you are aware of the General Club Safety Rules, if in doubt ask a club official.

  2. When you first arrive please sign in at the clubhouse. The course is open from 09:00am. People are asked to sign in no later than 11:00am to allow the clear-up gang to get home before Sunday lunch is fed to the dog! A normal course will take about two hours to complete.

  3. The plinking range normally has target cards placed at various ranges from 15 to 60+ yards. Spinners, knock over targets and reset targets are available. A zeroing table, tape measure and sighting in targets are available for setting up new rifles or checking the zero.

  4. Typically the course will have 15 lanes, number from 1 to 15. Each lane will have two knock over targets ranging from 7 to 60 yards. (30 targets in total)

  5. Each target is shot twice, therefore four shots per lane. The shots are scored – 0 for a miss, 1 for hitting the faceplate and 2 for hitting the kill and knocking the target over. Scorecards can be found in the clubhouse next to the signing in book.

  6. Normally all shots are taken sitting down on a beanbag unless the lane is specified as a standing or kneeling lane. However if a person wants to shoot all the lanes standing, kneeling or laying down HFT style then they are welcome to do this as long as it’s done safely.

  7. Please could people remember to reset the targets before they move off to the next lane.

  8. Always stay behind the firing line on both the plinking range and course. If you need to cross the firing line then please follow the procedure stated in the Club Safety Rules.

  9. Anyone helping to setup or clear away the course will be refunded £1.00 from his or her shoot fee by a club official.

General Club Safety Rules

  1. NEVER carry around a loaded air rifle, only load the air rifle or insert the magazine at the plinking range firing line (BLUE ROPE) or at the numbered target lanes on the course.

  2. Magazine fed air rifles should always have the magazines removed during movement around the plinking range or between target lanes on the course.

  3. NEVER point an air rifle (loaded or unloaded) at anyone. When carrying the air rifle always point the muzzle in a safe direction (either down towards the ground or up into the air).

  4. A responsible adult must accompany all junior members.

  5. Only enter the course when the sign is removed or the gate is open – if in doubt ask one of the club officials.

  6. Always stay behind the firing line on both the plinking range and course.

  7. IF it is required to cross the firing line, first shout “HOLD YOUR FIRE” or blow a SINGLE blast on a whistle. Check everyone has heard the signal and discharged their air rifles before crossing the firing line. Once situation has been cleared and everyone is behind the firing line, again shout “ALL CLEAR” or blow TWO blasts on a whistle.

  8. ALL air rifles must be below 12-foot pounds muzzle energy. No FAC air rifles are allowed on the course.

  9. Any dangerous behaviour should be reported to a club official immediately.

  10. Any situations thought to be risky should be reported to a club official, in order to be acted on to maintain the safety of the people on the course and plinking range.

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