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RAF Cranage

Byley 20 years old

The club was started in 1997 and was founded by: Steve Pemberton, Sean Smith, Terry Mann.
"We founded the club because we are passionate about the sport.
At the time we were having to drive 45 miles to nearest club".
The club was started with only 8 members and soon grow to 15 members, for about 10 years
we were holding steady at 48 members a year.
The club now has had 90 plus members for the last 5 years.

Graham Lowe the local farmer who’s land we shoot on has always been a keen supporter of the club,
and we thank him for is help and support.

Over the years Byley FTC along with another club has rasied £750.00 for Help the Heroes.
We also support Warmingham Summer Fair, and raise funds for they charity of the year.
The club aims to reflect responsible shooting practises, club members include, Doctors, Nurses and Bankers.
Support for the young shooter is freely given at the club, along with the lesson of responsibility
and the discipline for the sport.

Byley Field Target Club is a friendly club based in Cheshire. Byley FTC is a member of NWFTA, (North West Field Target Association). Competitions are regular hosted at the club grounds. Please see NWFTA dates on the Club Info page. We aim to provide a safe shooting environment and promoting the responsible use of air rifles. All types of shooters are welcome, young, old, beginners to the more experienced and rifle types ranging from spring rifles to the more specialised pneumatic target rifles.

From young'ens, to the not so young; all are welcome, (please note that if you are under 16 years of age you will have to bring an adult with you, who is over 21 years of age. This person must stay with you while you are shooting.
The club has 2 members that are CRB, DBS checked by Cheshire police.

Byley FTC Air Gun Club Cheshire

Byley FTC Club facilities include:-
on site car parking, a large air rifle plinking / airgun zeroing range,
and a 30 target air rifle field target course situated in wooded grounds,
an indoor toilet, hot and cold drinks facilities, food warming facilities,
and a welcoming smile.

Buster (pictured on the right) is the club mascot.
He eats:- meat pies,
bacon sandwiches,
cake and large bulls, given half a chance.
The Course
Byley FTC Cheshire

Byley FTC at the Warmingham Summer fate, we always put on an a good shooting exhibition, and help to raise funds for the charity of the day.
Byley FTC

Byley FTC is a active supporter of Help for Heroes.
Help for heros Help for Heroes

Please read the club general rules and the clubs safety rules before shooting at Byley FTC.

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